Wednesday, November 12, 2008

San Jose Museum of Art

Today was my first time visiting the San Jose Museum of Art. They had a special exhibit of photographs of Frida Kahlo and after having gone to her exhibit at the SFMOMA, I just had to see it. The fascinating thing about her photographs are that her face never reveals all of the pain and turmoil that she experienced throughout her life.

They had another exhibit about the Art of Cardboard- I thought this one was clever.
But this was my absolute favorite by Frank Geary- so amazing that is all from cardboard. I'd actually love to have this!
The final exhibit was about Road Trips- it was actually really interesting because there were random photographs from all across the U.S., a cut out map of the major interstates in the U.S., old fashioned carousel slide show, and even a makeshift travel pod. But my favorite was the suitcases made out of SHOES. Yes, all SHOES.
One of the fun things was that they had little craft projects for the kids. Since it wasn't crowded, Dyan and I made the paper butterflies (mine just looked weird) and also postcards to send to others. It was a great idea to involve the kids and have a more handson approach to art.

The lobby had these great monkeys made out of cardboard- Nora absolutely LOVED them. She kept staring and pointing at them.
The lobby also had 3 Chihuly chandeliers
And the art also extended outside the museum
I thought it was well worth the $5 student entry fee :-)

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Leah Claire said...

I love all your artsy pictures! No wonder we are friends. :) Guess what--my museum has one of those Gehry chairs too. Aren't they amazing? We have 2 knock-offs that visitors are allowed to sit in while they look at the one display. Pretty cool!