Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Eve Traditions

We were with William's parents on Christmas Eve and so we kept up their old Christmas traditions. First, William's mom made some of her fabulous Christmas candy- penuche (a pecan type fudge) and Clark's candy (kind of like the center of a Baby Ruth, but much better). They were both SO GOOD that I ate way too much, especially of the Clark's candy because it was at the perfect caramel consistency. I now know how to make the dishes.

and drove around Orem. I was pleased that I was able to remember where the decked out neighborhood that we saw with Chris and Karen last year. And our favorite house from last year had up the same elaborate decorations

However, there weren't nearly as many lights up around the rest of the neighborhood as last year due to the economic status. We saw SO MANY house dark and up for sale- how tragic that it affects so many lives.

Since we didn't get our fill of lights in this neighborhood, we then went out further into Orem where we saw the estate that I called the "mini temple square." You could see the glow from all of the lights for blocks. And there were tons of people checking it out as well. Sadly, most of the lights were behind these beautifully decorated gates.

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Kim said...

Hi - I read your post about Twilight and I completely agree with you - and also with the fact that it's kind of scary to admit that you didn't love Twilight. I just finished the 2nd book (there is tremendous peer pressure to read these :) and I still am luke-warm about it. I know, I just keep thinking, Why is Bella so crazy about Edward? Why???