Sunday, January 25, 2009

SF Dine About Town- Oak Room

We decided to enjoy San Francisco's annual dine about town again this year, but this time for lunch since they raised the prices again for dinner. We chose to go to the Oak Room at the Weston St. Francis. My parents actually used to own stock in this hotel so it was fun to finally go there after hearing about it for such a long time. We made reservations but it actually wasn't very crowded so it was nice that we weren't rushed. The 3 course price-fix menu was amazing. The salad was quite tasty- they had these pears that were red. They almost looked like a beet but had a much better taste. It was so unique- I don't know how to describe it. We then had Kobe Beef burgers with cheddar cheese. Kobe beef really tastes so much better- those specially fed cows that are massaged does make a difference. We got these really cute individual little bottles of ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard. William and I ended up making our own fry sauce on our bread plates. We had their special cheesecake for dessert, that had a dramatic presentation as shown above. The sauce was caramel with a slightly nutty taste to it and really enhanced the flavor of it. And we discovered this great parking garage- its on the corner of Sutter and Stockton street a few blocks from Union Square and it only cost us $5 for 2 hours. I have previously had parking nightmares downtown (one time I had to pay $27 for an evening to see a play in that area!!!) so I am now happy to have this frequent now.

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mj said...

the sutter/stockton garage is our favorite. we use it every time we go to that part of the city. that and another random one on the embarcadero that no one ever seems to use.