Monday, January 12, 2009

Uncovering Forgotten Treasures

William's parents are back from Russia! Well, at least on a more permanent basis. They bought a house out at Saratoga Springs in Lehi. Check out the gorgeous view they have of Utah lake-
And check out how great the interior is- I love the stone lining along the entry way.
And all of these big windows above the fireplace
All of their stuff that has been in storage in Houston for about 6 years so they got their shipment while we were in Utah for Christmas. We had a great time uncovering these long forgotten treasures amidst the myriads of boxes.

Literally, the very first box we opened we saw this on top.
This puzzle of Britney Spears. It was on top of a bunch of Star Wars boxes so we know that it was yours Corey :-) We also found one of Corey's most prized posessions- the lifesize cardboard cut out of Boba Fett.
We uoncovered several great treasures of William. Most importantly, William found ALL of his awards/trophies- just look at how many of them there are! I couldn't get them into one photo frame

And since he got so many awards, he was able to get a letterman jacket in high school- for lettering in academics. Check out that handsome
Besides that angelic face, you can also see his national honors society patch :-)
In this other photo, I think that he looks like he belongs in Grease :-)

We also found "Bill Moley" a take off of Bill Murray and Groundhog Day. This little guy is a treasure in the Kunz household. Everyone remembered who he was and smiled happily when they saw him.
William amazingly made it through all of his stuff. And found a lot of his old computer games, video games- he set up the Super Nintendo and it worked! We are so thankful that William's parents are kind enough to store all of these treasures for us since we are pretty much out of room in our 500 sp ft apartment.

And we are thrilled that they are getting their house set up and settled in!

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