Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hiking Along the California Coast

We had initially thought that we would go hiking in Big Sur, but it turns out that most of the area was burned in the fire last year and it is still closed. It was sad to see all of the burned hillsides. We had to drive further down south before we came to a place that wasn't blocked off. We passed through this charming gate . . .

And out to the cliffs where William decided to see just how much I trust him

Obviously I do trust him :-) I then tried to see if he trusted me, but I am a weakling and so I was unable to truly do the trust exercise. Instead, it turned out more like something from the movie Titanic

We then hiked to another location on the coast called Jade Cliffs named because of the color of the rock (although you can't tell from the photo).

Since it had been raining the past few days, the trail down to the beach was literally mud. They had a rope to assist you down, but knowing how clumsy I can be, I chose not to go down. William descended

I was able to get this shot of William though.

We were very happy that the weather held out for us and for Bev taking such a great photo of us


Ly + Alan said...

those pics are beautiful and make me miss cali so much...Alan is looking into some med schools out in the san fran area so who knows perhaps we will be reunited again soon =)

I heard you've been busily working on your phd stuff - hows it coming?

Miss ya & love ya lots

CS said...

what beautiful pictures! and what a lovely one of you and William. You're looking more lovely than ever. :) Must be the weight of having your PhD almost done