Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Beard Papa's

We have a new favorite sweet shop here in the Bay Area. Its called Beard Papa's and they have THE BEST cream puffs I've ever had. Its been here in Northern California for several years but they originally started over in Japan. I had wanted to go there for awhile and we tried several months ago after the Frida Kahlo exhibit and it was closed so I went yesterday after the Contemporary Jewish Museum. They have the shells pre-made and then you request which filling you want (vanilla bean, chocolate, and flavor of the week) and then they fill it while you are there so its fresh. I had gotten one for me and William so we didn't eat them until later that night but they were still so good. The vanilla bean cream filling inside is AMAZING. Just the right amount of sweetness and flavor. We will definitely be back to one of the locations, and there is even one closer to us in Cupertino so we can get our cream puff "fix" anytime we want.

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Julie and Lenny said...

Cheryl - we stumbled across the one in cupertino and loved it! what a cool store! By the way - loved your top 25 - I can't believe you had perfect attendance k-12! that's awesome!-- Julie