Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Golden Gate Express at the Conservatory of Flowers

When I was up in the city waiting for our Chinese visas, I also stopped off to see this special exhibit at the Conservatory of Flowers entitled "The Golden Gate Express". It is a toy railway that runs through a garden of plants/flowers and by miniature versions of San Francisco city landmarks.

However, upon a closer look at these mini landmarks shows that they are made from unique recycled materials. The main gate into Chinatown is made of old computer motherboards and Chinese games.

The TransAmerica Pyramid made out of computer keys and power strips.

Coit Tower from mini-blinds and rulers and this other building from old cassette tapes

The Golden Gate Bridge was the most intricate made out of even an old fire handle and red beads.

At Ghiradelli Square, old light socket covers as well as a cheese grater, spoons and corks.

The rest of the conservatory had some beautiful flowers that change according to the seasons.

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