Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Angels and Demons

This was my FAVORITE book of the Dan Brown series when I read it several years ago so I was actually looking forward to the movie and I was not disappointed. I LOVED it! The whole movie was incredible- Tom Hanks was great as Langdon and Ewan McGregor was the perfect Camerlengo. I had been to Rome and the Vatican City and Ron Howard captured the beauty and mystery of these locations. I actually want to go back now and see a few of the churches that I missed that last time. We watched the "Illuminating Angels and Demons" on hulu afterwards where you learn that most of the "information" presented in his book is actually fiction based on some components of truth. Thus, it is definitely a work of fiction that is super entertaining. And the movie does great justice to the work.


Whits said...

Yeah, after Tom Hanks said that Mormons were "unamerican" and he is an exec producer of Big Love, I've decided to boycott his films, although I bet Vatican City does look pretty awesome.

Corey said...

This movie was so much better then the Da Vinici Code. Ewan McGregor has yet to ever act horrible in any film i have seen him in, and he was awesome in this. Tom Hanks is just trying to grab a paycheck. I have seen him act much better in many other movies.