Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Its been a month since I actually went to Legoland in California and I apologize for the major delays in posting- I just had to ensure that my graduation would actually happen. My sister Sarah and I had a fun time at LEGOLAND, although I will warn you that its not a place that you go to "ride rides"- the rides are pretty much geared for young children. But, the lego displays and how they incorporate them into the rides and all throughout the park were definitely worth the admission.

Granny Smith Apple Fries- with cinnamon whipped cream to dip them in. Why haven't this deliciousness become more widespread- it is so good.

This is where the magic happens- the Lego workshop- where they assemble all of the displays in the park. However, sadly, they were on break when we visited. Sarah now has a new aspiration of becoming a constructor.

Agghh- I've been eaten by a Lego shark- good thing it didn't leave a mark.

Agghh- its a lego mummy- but with arm's that look like my sister's
Sarah managed to escape from the jaws of this lego lion- good thing he doesn't like to chew.

No, its not candy but legos that you can buy individually. And look at all of these great colors.

The thing about being at Legoland and seeing all of these amazing creations is that it produces the desire to assemble some Lego creations yourself. My creation is the pink and white diamond and Sarah's is the orange on the right. I think that she definitely has a career ahead of her.

This is one of the original molds that they used to produce Legos. They now have an automated process

I loved the section that they had of famous art Legoized.

Here is a close up of what these paintings look like with the individual lego blocks.

Miniland USA was beyond impressive- it would be worth the entrance fee just to see these displays.

Yet, they manage to maintain a sense of humor- like the q tip cleaning out the ear of Mt. Rushmore.
And they even have international Legoized monuments

and legoized animals

As well as the distances of how far it is to various destinations around the world in terms of various measurements, including one for number of blocks of Legos. Its 3,011,743,250 bricks to Legoland Windsor.

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Brekke said...

That's one place I'd like to go. I love Legos! Looks like you had fun.