Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rides at Santa Cruz Boardwalk

For Memorial Day, William and I went down to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk with many others- it was PACKED. Thus, we only went on a few of the rides- all of the ones that are unique to the Boardwalk. William let me choose all of the three rides we went on- since he had been there before- and I only chose one that he really did not like at all. It was the Cave Train Adventure and it was a poor attempt to try to be like Disneyland by having cute displays with dinosaurs and cave people. They should have just stuck to the animals because the people looked really scary and kind of creepy- not cute. The funniest part though was when we first entered the ride, there was this giant stuffed bear that had some of its metal exposed and it totally looked like something out of the terminator movie we had seen earlier that day. Unfortunately, no photos were allowed so we don't have any evidence of the terminator bear unless you ride the ride. The next ride we went on was the Tornado which is like the teacups but adds another element of spinning around in the air. I have not been so dizzy in a long time- I couldn't even walk off the ride straight. I needed William to assist me and it took me awhile to get my bearings back. William would make it go really, really fast and then he would stop for awhile. I had thought that he was just being kind to me but it turns out he was starting to get a little sick as well going that fast! The final ride was the cliff hanger where you lie down like you are hang gliding and then the ride spins you around- it was really fun and relaxing, especially after the Tornado- and was the only ride we've ever seen like that. It was enjoyable to ride these few rides, but most of them were like the rides at Lagoon and so I didn't feel it was worth it to spend the extra money.

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