Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Terminator Salvation

Well, it wasn't "salvation" for me. Even Christian Bale couldn't save it for me. And with so much death, it was hard to again visualize the "salvation." I have actually never seen any of the other terminator movies but William really wanted to see this one so we went. It was SUPER violent- more than I really like. I don't recommend it and even William said that it is one that we should have rented.

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Corey said...

This was one of the films i was really looking forward to this year. The result..... Blah. I mean, how could one possible go wrong with Christian Bale (until he uses the EXACT same scratchy voice like he does in Batman), killer robots (until u realize that one of them looks like one of them got in the wrong line on the lot somewhere and went from Transformers to Terminator), and just general explosions and fighting(it does help to have a plot mixed in with all the fighting), and a cool director like McG(and then u remember he did movies like Charlies Angels and things make a bit more sense). Overall, in case u couldn't tell yet, i really was disappointed by this movie. It brought up more questions and answered next to nothing.