Monday, May 11, 2009

The Prints of Andy Warhol

Two weeks ago I went to the exhibit "The Prints of Andy Warhol" at the San Jose Museum of Art. I am a big fan now of the SJMA- not only do they have great exhibits, but they also provide interactive art crafts inspired by the work. They provided black and white transparencies as well as different kinds of colored paper, crayons, and glue. I hope that Andy would be somewhat satisfied by these two attempts of mine at imitating his pop art.

The museum also has clipboards with paper and pens so that you can use to sketch, write poetry, or anything else that you feel inspired to do by the art. Most of the permanent collections of the museum are of modern art, some which I like, some which I appreciate for their contributions, others I understand and don't like, and others that I don't like. One incorporated snake bones- just hanging from the work. Not my favorite. Another exhibit featured the bay area artists interpretations of abstract impressionism with the thick brush strokes and drips. It was well worth the $5 student admission. I'm going to miss that discount SO much.

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