Monday, June 1, 2009

Stanford Shopping Center "Playhouses"

We really like to think of these as mini houses- ones that we probably still can't afford for the bay area. The Stanford Shopping Center currently has on display the most elaborate and fancy playhouses that I have ever seen. 14 will be auctioned off and one awarded though a drawing to raise money to help rebuild houses for low-income persons.

My personal favorite was the "Celtic Clubhouse"- complete with a thatched roof
I also loved this one inspired by Don Quiote and the windmills of Spain called "Molina of La Mancha." The windmill was powered by electricity and water actually flowed from the tiled fountain
The design of the "Point Bonita Lighthouse" was nice, but it seems fairly cramped
Being a professor, I also had an affinity to look like "School House Rock"
The rope drawbridge looked quite impressive, although it was more for aesthetics rather than function- but doesn't that apply to most of these houses, since many actually have the capacity for electricity
They also had houses that were "green" as well as one with a secret entrance and another one where it used the energy produced from jumping on the trampoline to power the playhouse.


mj said... you think we could be considered one of those "low income" families? I think it's worth a shot...

Bekky said...

wow those look awesome! my dad built us a playhouse in SA but it wasn't that COOL!

Brad and Erin said...

I've told Katelyn that we could do a playhouse at our new house, I just don't think it will be as fancy as those.

Lianne Barr said...

seriously, those are playhouses? Clara would die!