Sunday, June 7, 2009


William and I went and saw UP in 3-D by Pixar last weekend and I am only now blogging about it because I can now finally talk about it without crying. Yes, I am OFFICIALLY a bawl baby as I cried after the first ten minutes of the movie and then on and off throughout the rest of the film. I couldn't even talk about it with William afterwards because I would start crying. The movie just touched a chord with me- I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it yet. I very highly recommend this movie more for adults than kids even- William and I both though that it was a more "adult" issue than some of the other films- but kids too would still like it for the balloons, animals, and adventures that they do have.

At the end of the film, they go to this ice cream place called Fenton's. I thought that they had just made it up but William told me that there was actually an ice cream place he had been to in Oakland. After the film, we went to the temple and since we were already in Oakland, decided to visit the real Fenton's Creamery. Workers at Pixar actually frequent this creamery pretty often and so they specifically wanted it to be in the movie.
We split a burger in order that we would have room for our own ice cream desserts. William got a custom creation made up of chocolate peanut butter ice cream and butter pecan topped with chocolate peanut butter sauce (on the left) whereas I got the "Cookie Connection" made up of cookies and cream ice cream, cookie dough ice cream, a chocolate chip cookie on the bottom, and marshmellow and hot fudge (on the right). I was not a fan of the hot fudge, but the marshmellow was INCREDIBLE! It was heaven- especially with the other ice creams and cookie. I will definitely get that next time on the whole sundae.

And don't worry- between the two of us, we managed to scrape the bowls clean.
It definitely was an "UP" Saturday!


Danika said...

Here, here! I LOVED the movie and bawled through the first part as well. Now I'm putting Fenton's on my "someday maybe" list for the next time we're out west.

Out of curiosity, was it worth it to see in 3D? That one was sold out and I wondered if it was worth the extra price...

jkmilligan said...

I'm seeing the movie this saturday, can't wait! That's cool that you got to go to the ice cream shop.

Cheryl and William said...

Hi Danika- I'm so glad that I am not the only one who cried in the movie (although I did cry throughout the entire thing). I actually LOVE seeing the movie in 3D. Disney does a very subtle job of it, not doing the cheap jumping out at you tricks, but just enhancing the reality of the animation. Since you have already seen it, I don't think that you need to pay to see it again in 3D, but we personally enjoy it. And you should definitely visit Fenton's the next time you are visiting Brent's family. Too bad the movie hadn't come out where you visited last. Now you'll just have to come back :-)