Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An Unexpected Reunion

Tonight I went to the baby shower for my visiting teaching companion. I was expecting to see several people from the ward as well as her family, but I cannot even begin to tell you how surprised (and happy) I was to see one of my friends from my freshman year- Anne!!! We had one of those girl reunion moments where we squealed, laughed, and excitedly talked nonstop forever.
I haven't seen her since college and I had no idea that she was even in the area. And it turns out that she has been here for several years now while her husband is going to school. She's pregnant now with her second child- another boy- that's due in September. She got a masters degree from U Penn in education and is now working part time at Stanford admissions. I filled her in on many of you from freshman year that read the blog and so if you are interested in contacting her, let me know and I will re-connect you. I am so happy that we are reunited and I am looking forward to seeing her now that I know we are in the same area :-) I feel so lucky to have lived near several of my friends from freshman year later on in life.

The baby shower was super cute with a nautical theme. I particularly liked the ocean wave cupcakes.

And the house has the best location nestled in the Los Altos hills- I loved the rock path, wrought iron gate, and iron table set. It was definitely an appropriate place to have the nautical theme shower with the pool down below


Whits said...

So funny -- I worked with Ana's husband 2 summers ago and I'm her visiting teacher!

nicole said...

Ana is in my ward! Tori and Will hang out all the time!

Ben and Leslie Evans said...

I wondered how Anne found me on Facebook! I'm so so so glad!!! What an amazing freshman year we had. Cher your hair is looking beautiful by the way. Oh I miss my freshman year girls!!