Sunday, June 14, 2009

Candy Review

William and I have tried some unique candy lately- some great and some ok. Our new absolute FAVORITE is the Reese's Big Bar. We wanted to try it and so we bought one of them and had a taste in the car and then I immediately sent William back in to get some more.

This is definitely a higher end version of their peanut butter cups. To me, it tastes like the new Ghiradelli peanut butter squares, but for a lower price. Warning- these are quite addictive, as we have discovered. The only benefit is that we found them at a Walmart pretty far away from us and that's why we stocked up.

I thought that the next item sounded intriguing, so we had to try it. Its' "Strawberrified Peanut Butter M&M's" that they had made for the 2nd transformers movie. I'm glad that I just bought a small bag of these because they weren't our favorite. They were ok, but I would prefer to just have a peanut butter m&m or just a strawberry one- not one with the muted, combined flavors.

And we just thought that this was a cute, clever idea. Our friends in our ward just had a baby girl and we had taken them over dinner and as a thank-you, and a congratulations, they gave us each a chocolate "cigar" from See's candy. I love the pink "It's a girl" sticker on it.

So this is what have been fulfilling our need for sweets lately. I haven't been to get cupcakes in over 3 weeks- I've been enjoying candy like this instead. But I'm thinking that I will need to have a cupcake sometime this week, especially now that I have a gift certificate!!!! :-)

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Mel said...

Peanut butter M&Ms are one of my favorites so I decided to try the strawberry peanut butter m&ms. I agree with you, they are ok but not something I will get again.