Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cliff Walk

Running along several of the Newport Mansions, including the Breakers, is the beautiful Cliff Walk. The Cliff Walk is actually a national historical trail.

We walked a good portion of the walk, looking at the Breakers as well as Salve Regina College. The Salve Regina College has one of the most spectacular campuses I have ever been to, since the buildings literally overlook the cliffs and the water.

William took the notion of a "cliff walk" literally- look at how close he was to the edge! Of course he did it to scare us all.

But we later encountered an even more disturbing sight- this sailboat which had crashed up against the rocks, placing a HUGE gaping hole in the bottom side of the boat. You can see some of the debris floating next to it. The saddest part was that it had hit the oil tank and lots of diesel has already leaked well along the edge of the cliff.

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