Monday, June 15, 2009

My Dad's Alma Mater

My dad did his undergraduate at Brown University. He absolutely loved the time that he spent here. His first visit back to the campus was back in 1997 when we were doing a back east college tour. Since we were in the area for my graduation, we decided that we needed to make a return visit, particularly so that my mom could view the place where my dad's glory days occurred. William and his mom were nice enough to indulge this visit.

We were there for move out weekend and so there was trash everywhere, so much that it spilled out all over the containers.

But for the most part, the campus still looked pretty good. Here's my dad in the main square. And I love that he wore his Brown sweatshirt especially for the occasion

The campus kind of has a Harvard like feel to it, especially with my dad in front of this building

My dad worked as a waiter for several major events at the alumni center- this is the site of the infamous spinach juice story where he spilled a tiny drop of spinach juice on the carpet and I lady started yelling at him for doing it.

My dad was surprised at just how many businesses and restaurants now line this street right by the campus.
I really enjoyed walking around the campus with my dad while he walked down memory lane and shared some of his favorite stories. I'm going to make a book for him with the photos and the stories so that these classics can be preserved for all time :-)


Brad and Erin said...

What a great idea for your dad. He will love the book.

CS said...

i've always wanted to go to brown. i don't know why! maybe if i do a phd!! looks really pretty.