Sunday, August 23, 2009

Breadsticks, Breadsticks, and more Breadsticks

So last weekend, William and I went down to San Diego to visit with my sisters and of course during our 3 day stay we went to Pat and Oscar's TWICE (we would have gone 3 times but it closes fairly early- like 9 pm). We learned from the 1st trip that if you get too much food, you can't enjoy the breadsticks, the best part, so we decided on our 2nd trip that we would maximize the breadsticks and minimize the other food. We got 15 breadsticks to share between 3 people- and we finished them off. Just look at how yummy they look- I'm craving some right now. And yes, there is a bite in one of them from me because I coudn't wait to take the photo without sampling one first :-) We also got some pasta with Tomato-Fredo sauce in the back and a chocolate chip pizookie (which was ok, but not as good as Oregano's or BJ's). And my sister has these refillable cups where we can get FREE refills for the rest of the year so we used those as well. I introduced my dear friend Michelle to this place and I think that she liked it, but she wasn't as obsessed with it as we are :-)

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