Sunday, August 23, 2009

I HEART Stuffed Animals

I heart stuffed animals. I always have- my room back at my parents house is covered with them. I have them from many of the amusement parks that I have visited as well as most of the McDonald's beanie babies (minus the most recent collections). I also have about 6 stuffed animals at our little studio apartment- an elephant, koala, kangaroo with joey, platypus, armadillo, and a pink hooded sweatshirt bear. So, I can't even begin to tell you just how TEMPTED I was to buy all of these great stuffed animals that I saw at Sea World (I didn't dare go into the ones at the other parks we visited). But given our limited space (and just how expensive many of them are), I decided against purchasing them and just taking photos with them.
Me with the sea cows of the ocean- the manatees- and white seals

Me with a penguin and my sister Cynthia staring down a sea lion

And finally, I love this one of a Clydesdale horse- complete with the bushy white feet.


Danika said...

Ever since I saw Poltergeist when the stuffed clown attacks the kids and drags one under the bed I've been terrified of stuffed animals. I don't know what a stuffed manatee could do to me... *shudders*

CS said...

I got a Shamu killer whale stuffed animal at Sea World when I was 11. I slept with it every night until it was basically tattered to bits many years later! Now I just hug a pillow when I sleep, but I the Shamu will forever be in my heart.

I love stuffed animals, too. It was so hard to give away lots of mine, but I've saved many. Probably too many!

Debbie said...

Oh, stuffed animals, how I love thee!!! Kaylynn inherited a hundred or more when Andy and I got married. I saved back an entire very large basket-full for Emma. I have three that will always be mine and hang out by my bed in our bedroom. And, last but not least, my parents still have four boxes of them waiting at their house for me to collect someday. I have a personal love of teddy bears . . . if I could only figure out where to put them, I would have more and more and more and . . . :)