Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Other Attractions at Sea World

Besides the shows, we also got to enjoy some of the other attractions at Sea World. They had places where you could view turtles

Penguins- both cold and warm weather

White whales being fed and underwater

And animals that seemed somewhat random to me like these Clydesdale horses

And a special Sea World VW Bug

They also had some more interactive experiences like a tide pool where you could touch some star fish, like my sister Sarah

Or get up close and personal with a grumpy fish- like me (sorry you can't really see my bottom pouty lip)

Or hide in a polar bear cave while the real polar bear was sleeping

Or be happy that you weren't eaten alive by this guy

But, Sea World also has RIDES. They have a tube river rafting one (which we skipped because the line was so long), an Arctic Expedition (which we rode and its a simulation like Star Tours, but much more intense), and, our personal favorite- the Journey to Atlantis. We waited for an hour to ride this ride (in part because it briefly was shut down when we were close to the front) but it was SO worth it.

As you can see from the photo, the Atlantis is a water log ride (and we got super wet not due to the splash after the drop but by the giant water cannons on the calm part) BUT it is also a roller coaster. After the water drop (which is the first part of the ride) you then go into an elevator which takes you up again and then you go on the roller coaster part. It was SUPER fun and we wished we could have gone on it again but the line was even longer when we got off it.


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Your hair is SO LONG! It's beautiful!

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That BUG is so AWESOME!