Friday, August 14, 2009

I Succumbed

I succumbed yet again to Sprinkles Cupcakes. I was doing well for awhile- having not had any for several weeks (a LONG time for me) but then this week, I caved and tried the raspberry- their special flavor only available once a year- and it was all over from there. I have had two raspberry this week, along with one strawberry and one red velvet. FOUR cupcakes in a week! I'm back on the bad pattern- but they are SO GOOD. And they have the cutest decals- a 3 for the three year anniversary of opening one of their shops and, my personal favorite, the high heel for girls night out.

And I received two of the cupcakes for free, so that somewhat justifies things in my mind. As several people have indicated, I have a major sweet tooth so that is the main reason why I post so much about cupcakes, ice cream, and other desserts. One of my favorite blogs- CakeSpy- actually goes around the Seattle area (and had reviewers in other places) and writes specifically about all things sweet. It sounds like a great gig but I'm afraid that I would "succumb" to WAY too many places so I'll try to tackle some at a slower rate- once I get over my Sprinkles obsession.


The Richardsons said...

When you're back in Utah, there is the best bakery in American Fork called Dough Boys and Flour Girls. It's right up your alley :)

Ly + Alan said...

When I come visit the san fran area sometime I will have to visit this bakery you so love.

I hope that William got you some cupcakes to celebrate your birthday =)

Love from DC! =)