Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cookie Pie

I got some peanut butter cookies from a friend that were crispy (I prefer chewy ones) and so I found a recipe that used them and made them soft. I call it a Cookie Pie (the original recipe called it a "Cookie Dough Pie" but I don't think that it tastes like cookie dough) and it is SO EASY but it does end up tasting quite good. There are only 3 ingredients- cookies, milk, and cool whip. I greatly modified the recipe since I had a fair amount of cookies but not enough for 3 layers but it turned out well.

Cookie Pie- adapted from Big Red Kitchen

peanut butter cookies (about 13)
milk (enough to dunk cookies in)
1 tub Cool Whip

Very quickly dunk the cookies in the milk and tap off any excess milk. Layer cookies on the bottom, filling in any big gaps (small ones are ok). Put a generous layer of cool whip on top (I actually wish I would have put more because it tends to settle). I then put about a half a layer of cookies dunked in milk on top of the cool whip layer and then placed another layer of cool whip on top. Freeze for at least 3 hours (I waited over night). I think that it would be fun to try other variations like Oreo or Chips Ahoy. Great for a quick and easy dessert!

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