Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Counter

My friend Inger introduced me to this restaurant called The Counter a little over a year ago. It is a place where you can customize your own burgers- whether it be traditional, veggie, or other specialty. I had thought that it was ok- I loved their sweet potato fries and but the burger that I had gotten was good, but not spectacular. Thus, we had not been back to eat there. For my birthday, I had received a coupon to eat at Maggiano's Italian restaurant and there is only one nearby us at Santana Row in San Jose. We got there at about 6:30 and the wait was already an hour and a half. Yeah, no way we were waiting. We then decided to go to the Counter since it was in that area and has no wait. I am so happy that we gave it a second chance because it was awesome. We shared a "50/50" of regular fries and sweet potato fries and I got their monthly specialty burger: the Maryland Crabcake Burger. It was unbelievably good. The crabcake was so fresh and had a light texture, despite being fried. They had a great coleslaw on it that paired perfectly with a lemon tatar sauce. The only thing that makes me sad was that it was only the special for the month of August. But, we will definitely be back. I'm glad that I gave this place a second try because it has won me over. AND I found out that they just opened a location back in downtown Salt Lake City and it looks like they are spreading out all over the country in case you are intersted in checking it out.

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Donna said...

Hey, I have heard about this place. I have not made it there to eat but when they opened up a location in the Gateway there was a bunch of talk about it. I guess that Opera said that The Counter is her favorite burger place. Honestly since my husband heard that he has wanted to go. We just don't go down town all that often, maybe we should make the trip.