Monday, September 14, 2009

Itsy Designs

One of my best friends of all time (we have been friends since junior high) has started her own Etsy shop called "Itsy Designs." Brekke creates all of these adorable items herself- she is so talented- and being a mom, she understands about functionality in addition to aesthetics.

I have never bought anything from Etsy before but I just bought three items from her because they are beyond adorable and I couldn't resist.

This is a teething cloth and I absolutely LOVE the dino applique

I also loved the pattern and functionality of this kids apron- it is made of vinyl and so you can just wipe it off! No need to do any more laundry than necessary.

I also love this block set made up of lots of different fabrics and textures for baby to explore.

And even better, they come pre-packaged and immediately ready to be given as a gift for baby showers

She has even more great items on her site- including some spiders that can be used for Halloween decorations. I just wanted to share her amazing products with everyone because stuff this good should not be kept to just myself!

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Brekke said...

Thanks so much for the publicity! You are too sweet. I hope your package got there safe and sound.