Thursday, September 24, 2009

Monterey Aquarium

We express our greatest gratitude to our friend Dan for having enough camera batteries when ours ran out. These photos are all of his camera work- THANK-YOU!!

Here we are surrounded by thousands of anchovies

They had the most AMAZING jelly fish- so mesmerizing and ethereal.

These ones were more blob like- but still interesting.

I had never seen these lobed comb jelly before- it has these flashing multicolored lights inside of its body (too bad you can't really tell that from the photo).

The Secret Lives of Seahorses special exhibit was INCREDIBLE. I have never seen so many sea horses in one location.

The weedy seahorses are my favorite- especially the leafy seahorse.

This weedy seahorse is neat, but not quite as spectacular as this other one

We also attended the special sea otter feeding which was so great. The sea otters were so cute

and playful. They feed them by putting food inside of these special toys that the otters have to manipulate to get the food out. It was so fun to watch- its now one of my favorite animals.

We also saw penguins

and many other items- like a white shark and this crustacean.

In addition to all of the great animals- we loved their sense of humor. In this book with other sea mammals, they included the scuba diver whom they gave the scientific name homo wetsuitus (sorry its so blurry in the photo)

We thought that the aquarium was DEFINITELY worth the hefty price tag ($30 a person) and is definitely one of the best that I have been to.


Lauren said...

We totally agree! Monterey Bay Aquarium is the BEST. Fantastic pics, you guys!

Rach said...

We love this aqaurium! It is such a fun little place and the surrounding area is gorgeous to take a walk on the beach or sit and have a picnic! We love Monterey!

Danika said...

Hooray! You've finally posted about a place I've actually been to. Okay, so I don't have to add this to my growing list of amazing places Cheryl has been to that I have to see. I loved that little rotunda area with the fish that swam in a circle over your head. Amazing!!!