Friday, January 8, 2010

12 Days of Christmas: First Day

My mother-in-law put together a 12 days of Christmas gifts for each married couple. Just look at how many presents were here!

We are a little behind on this since William was out of town on business in Phuket, Thailand (pictures to come!) and so I wanted to wait until he was back to open the presents and then we went out of town, so I am only getting to posting these now.

Our first day of Christmas was opened up on December 1st as it contained a candle and scripture references to read each day up until Christmas. We did this faithfully- until William was out of town- but we are now all caught up.

On the first day of Christmas
My parents gave to me

A pretty candle to light each day
So that I may read a scripture each morn
And then tell the story of when Christ was born

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