Friday, January 15, 2010


While watching movies or chatting with William's family, we would complete puzzles. You could say that we became kind of obsessed with them- especially William and me who would stay up until sometimes 3 am to finish the puzzles. Here is William on the first one- so happy that it was not longer puzzling us

It was great because EVERYONE in the family- even little Charlie- participated. Which is good since the first puzzle was the most difficult

What a great helper

The first one of Jesus was the most difficult- it was 1000 pieces and the section of stones on the far left didn't have very many distinguishing colors or features and so it was basically trial and error.

Santa was about 500 pieces and the red gradations were a little tough, but a breeze compared to the first

Old Time Bear Lake

Festival of Trees

This random Japanese puzzle of a ship (William has no idea when or where he got it)

And another Jesus one- which was also fairly difficult (I think because they are more abstract expressionist type paintings and backgrounds)

ALL of the 3,ooo puzzle pieces put together

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The Richardsons said...

Holy cow I cannot believe you guys completed so many puzzles! It took Troy's mom and I 3 days to complete a dumb little ornament one!