Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Revenge of Chris

But I would have to say that Chris did get his "revenge" this year with William's gift. It looked innocuous enough

The package said

Stud . . . . . $1.39
Duck Tape . . . . $3.37
Watching Bill unwrap this . . .

Last year you "trained" me
This year I'll "sour" you
Can't wait until next year!!!

You definitely can't tell that there is a war going on between these two :-) There was one small layer of duck tape (I love the smirk on Chris' face just knowing what lies ahead)

and then was this wooden box that was completely nailed shut.

William had to use a CROWBAR to open it!!

He finally managed to pry it open and get out another duck taped package

William kept unwrapping duck tape for quite awhile

this one gift produced this huge ball of tape!

It says
Whats the
Matter Feeling
a Little Sour

Try looking in the front seat of the Ford

Chris also had William go on a little treasure hunt. They actually ended up hiding their gifts in the same room- the laundry room- but in different places.
All for this little gift card to Chili's

It took over an hour just to unwrap these two gifts. It was a good thing we had Charlie open his gift first since he was entertained by it the entire time

William has already started thinking about what he is going to do next year . . . .

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Rach said...

That is so much fun! Sounds like a lot of thought goes into these gifts every year. :)
Can't wait to hear what he does for next year.