Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stanley Lloyd Kunz

We flew out to Utah the morning of December 20th for the blessing of our 2nd nephew- Stanley Lloyd Kunz. The blessing was at 2 pm Utah time and down in Santaquin and so our flight leaving at 7 am California time would have left us with buffer time to get there. The plane pulled back from the gate at 7 am but the plane experienced engine problems (at least they figured this out before taking off). We all were taken off the plane as they attempted to "fix" it- something that we thought would take awhile. We started to panic a little about making the blessing but FORTUNATELY, they had a spare plane available and we were only a couple of hours late getting in to Utah. And we made it ON TIME for the blessing.

I just noticed that ALL of the photos I have of him during the break are when he was asleep. I love his white blessing outfit

Already getting into the holiday spirit- what a cute Christmas gift

He is just such a sweetie- we are so happy he is a part of Kunz family!

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