Wednesday, January 20, 2010

William's "Snotty" Gift

William and his youngest brother Chris have this ongoing Christmas gift giving feud. It is ALL about HOW you give the gift in the most creative yet difficult way possible. Two years ago it was the infamous diaper, last year it was the train theme, and this year, William decided to take it back towards the diaper vein.

I came up with the idea of placing a number of coins with letters on them inside the toilet paper layers and so Chris would have to unroll the whole roll to get the coins. Chris starting to unravel

And still not done

He then had to unscramble the letters to find the location of the next part of the "gift"- this tissue box.

It looks innocent enough- but let me show you some of the behind the scenes shots of William assembling it. I love the look of absolute glee on his face- he could not stop laughing and smiling about how "awesome" this gift would be.

Off to the right of the photo is a cup of pudding- "Juicy Pear Jelly Belly" to be precise. Just look at that unique color which made a great base to look like "boogers" or "snot." William placed several coins with letters on them into the tissues that Chris has to unscramble.

I thought it was pretty gross and I knew that is was just pudding. (No one ate the other 3 containers of pudding after this incident)

Chris was very disgusted by the appearance of the "used" tissues. He subsequently flicked the pudding around the room in an attempt to get out the coins without touching it.
He ultimately succumbed and had to handle it.

Let's just say that Chris would definitely be "getting" William back as evidenced in the next post

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Dyan said...

Yuck! William's poor brother...very creative though.