Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Deck the Halls

Since we live in such a small apartment and were going to be in Utah for the holidays, William and I helped his family "Deck the Halls." We put a garland and lights down the staircase (not pictured) and also above the stone arch way.

William's parents did the whole set-up and decoration of their beautiful and huge 12 foot tree (that doesn't even make it all into the photo :-)

But, the inside would not suffice for William. To my utter concern and fright about becoming a widow, he climbed up on the roof to put up the lights on the eaves.

Still "Decking the Halls"

FORTUNATELY for everyone, he only put lights on two of the peaks (he could have done several others). Imagine my utter horror upon his getting down when he said that he slid partway off the roof and had difficulty getting traction with his shoes! Good thing we just live in an apartment to curb this "adventurous" actions

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