Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's His Turn

William is currently out of the country in London, England on business with Google. This was a more last minute trip, coming up last Tuesday. Thus, the flights were SUPER expensive- $1,000- for me to have gone. I LOVE London- I've been there 5 times on study abroad and then just a few days stopover on other European adventures. As much as I love London, I would rather spend that money going to a place that I have never been before. Also, William does not have very much time for "sightseeing"- left Sat. morning and arrived Sunday morning and then starts work for the week there. He will be going on some team building outings in the evenings, and he wants to have more of these opportunities around the world, so he is doing this one solo. But, I miss him- at least it is now less than a week before I pick him up from the airport :-) And I am so HAPPY for SKYPE. I had heard about it before, but never used it until today and it works GREAT! I can't believe that I can talk to him FOR FREE whereas if I used my cell phone, it would be $1.50 a minute. The conversation was actually quite clear and no real time delay. William said that he went to the Victoria and Albert museum, Museum of Natural History, and Science Museum this afternoon, which are great museums and the best part about London is that they are FREE. And these are all in the same area. William's hotel is right down the street from the Google office- like a 2 minute walk- so I'm sure that he will be very familiar with the area by the time the week is over. So far, I'm doing alright- I have been trying to finish up a few craft projects that I started a few months ago. I'll show the project later on. And I'm sure that there will be a greater than average number of blog posts from me this week too :-)

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