Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The long awaited, majorly delayed opening of the "original" cupcake store Sprinkles was just a few weeks ago at Stanford Shopping Center. My friend Dyan went and loved it so she thought that she would spread the cupcake lovin around to me. We actually only waited for about 10 minutes to get our cupcakes, which is probably the shortest the line has been since opening.

The boxes are so cute
And its even cuter inside
Yummy- I got the vanilla made with Madagascar vanilla (which was actually my favorite one of the two) and then a black and white with chocolate cake, vanilla icing and real chocolate shavings.
Dyan loved every bite of her rich dark chocolate
Sadly, its too good to share Nora- she just has to have Cheerios for the next few years until she can fully appreciate the deliciousness.

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Baldersons said...

Ah, Nora looks so sad to not be able to have a taste! They do look yummy though...I will have to try them out!