Monday, February 21, 2011

The Addams Family Musical

We saw the Saturday matinee of The Addams Family Musical starring Nathan Lane. I saw him before in a play in Boston and he truly steals the show. He is such a brilliant musical theater genius. I am just sad that I missed seeing him on Broadway in the Producers. I saw the show a few months after his run was over. I think that this show wouldn't be the same without him. Morticia was Fraiser Crane's psychiatrist wife from Cheers and The first half of the musical was HILARIOUS- it was funny, classic Addams Family with the Broadway twist. Sadly the second half completely fell short, instead focusing too much on one/two person songs rather than further delving into the complete family dynamic, which was what made the first act so good.

At the end of the curtain call, Nathan Lane actually silenced everyone and made a special announcement about the Pugsly. The matinee performance was this kids first EVER showing on Broadway and so Nathan Lane wanted to make sure that this kid got an extra round of applause for doing such a great job. How cool would it be to get singled out like that by Nathan Lane! To me, that would have meant the world- I truly was so touched by that act.

Overall, I'm glad that I saw the show but I don't think that I would see it again- though I might if Nathan Lane was in the show.

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