Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Brain:The Inside Exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History

Thanks to some great around town advertising, William and I were able to enjoy "The Brain: The Inside Exhibit" at the American Museum of Natural History. We LOVED this exhibit- the picture on the right is of all of the neurons firing in your brain. We walked through the area and it provided a great visual to get your excited about what you would be learning. They had a great video about what portions of your brain are involved in preparing for a dance audition as well as hands on demonstrations to test your abilities. The brain is so amazing and there really is so much potential for our improving it and possibly repairing things in case of problems. Half a million neurons form every minute during the first five months in the womb. They are using electromagnets for treatment major depression when no other treatments work and this can possibly help with many other mental illnesses. This was by far our favorite part of the museum. We also saw some of the permanent collection of Dinosaurs, Gems and Minerals, and some of the taxidermy animals which were cool, but not as fascinating as the Brain exhibit. It will be there through April 15th so check it out if you are in NYC.

William and I went to this museum and then to Yoshinoya- a yummy fast food chain from Japan and it was a good thing it was our short day because it was FREEZING. Bitterness filled our souls with the biting wind- it made me very happy that we were going back to the warm Bay area.

This is my last NYC post- now I can move back to posting about the things that happened in my lengthy blogging hiatus :-)

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