Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Toys R Us Times Square

Even more than FAO Schwartz, we loved the Toys R Us in Times Square even more. We spent an hour and a half walking around.

Knowing the two of us, William and I spent a significant amount of time in Candy Land

Where we yet again learned what we already knew- that NERDS rule the world!

We had fun seeing toys from our past- although this updated Strawberry Shortcake looks more like a bobble head doll- kind of creepy

And the "creativity" of some others

But, we were also DISTURBED by some of the toys that they have come up with. This Barbie below looks innocent enough- her looking cute with a puppy- until you see the bottom right corner.

It's pretty small so in case you can't read it, it said "Barbie Poop and Scoop." Yup, I guess that there is a Barbie for everything (although I'm not sure that they really should have gone there in this case)

The real shocker is that we did NOT buy anything- not even any candy (though we were tempted by the mints in a case that looked like an old school Atari joystick that you could actually move).

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