Thursday, February 24, 2011

Salem and Thanksgiving Point Holiday Lights

My in-laws were sweet enough to indulge my love of Christmas lights by taking us to several light displays in the area.

My brother-in-law Chris showed us the amazing display in the little town of Salem where most of it occurs over the water and so the reflections made it even more magical- and it was FREE!

A few days later, we battled the LONG line of cars (we waited for over 30 minutes to enter) to see the Thanksgiving Point Holiday Lights. We were able to get in half price since my mother-in-law is a member so that made it worth it. Also, it was funny to watch people try to "cut" into the lines and the "lack of holiday spirit" that emerged. The neat part about these lights are that many of them are animated.
Elves building a house

The houses got even more elaborate as we drove along- looks like those elves were pretty busy

But of course, my favorite was this "sweet" house

And the display would not have been complete without a jolly Santa

The "highlight" of the display was the following- which actually was the favorite of everyone a few years ago when they came (I apologize for the blur- we were laughing too hard)

The above is showing how the cycle of food occurs with deers- from feeding until it is expelled. Not the first thing that I would think of to be part of the "holiday lights".

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