Monday, February 14, 2011

Crumbs Bakery

After my day of museums, I stopped off at another cupcake bakery that I had heard of- Crumbs- to try their special cupcake of the month- White Chocolate Hot Chocolate. I love their packaging for each individual cupcake. They are pretty big- this one was covered with white chocolate chips and marshmallows and was filled with whipped cream.

The cake and the whipped cream center were AMAZING. I also liked the texture of the whole marshmallows on top. HOWEVER, their frosting was gross- it tasted to me just like grocery store frosting which is definitely not my favorite. So, yet again, Sprinkles is still my favorite (although I haven't been there since the summer!!)

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Julie Laughlin said...

i miss sprinkles! and i really want to try crumbs. they are building a sprinkles in NYC! YAY!