Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Carl Bloch: The Master's Hand

William and I were lucky to be able to see the exhibit "Carl Bloch: The Master's Hand" twice with our families while over Christmas break. It is a great exhibit and it is FREE -as long as you reserve your tickets. It was incredible to see so many of his beautiful altar paintings and some of his etchings. However, I was quite disappointed by some of the lighting of the pieces- particularly the one of "Christ at Bethesda". I was at BYU when they first acquired this piece and it was truly breathtaking in the right lighting. The lighting was terrible and made the picture just look ok. Whereas they managed to get the lighting right for the painting of "Christ at Gethsemane"- it truly evoked the incredible emotion that Bloch put into his work. My mom was kind enough to buy me and my sisters a book with lithographs of many of his pieces- I used a few of them for my Relief Society lesson. The exhibit also had some images from Fredriksborg Castle where some of his paintings are and it made me really want to visit one day (yet some place else to add to the ever growing list)

My adorable nephews Stanley and Charles found a much more entertaining exhibit at the museum where they were able to create the art with their running around. It was so fun that they actually cried when we left- I say that it the sign of a fairly successful museum trip :-)

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The Richardsons said...

I think you should be a curator. You definately have the experience!