Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mary Poppins:The Musical

I had very high hopes for the musical Mary Poppins and I was not disappointed. It was a great classical musical- very fun and I liked the new songs that they added, especially "Practically Perfect." I had an incredible seat- Row H on the right hand side. Mary Poppins even came flying literally over my head at the end of the performance! (Side note- the little girl next to me had fallen asleep and her mom was desperately trying to wake her up to see Mary Poppins fly over us but she just wouldn't wake up :-) I absolutely love the songs "Chim Chimery" and "Step in Time" as I performed a competition clogging dance to them back in my later junior high/high school days (sad that I can't remember exactly when!! I guess it is a good thing that so many memories are competing for space :-) But, the best part was during "Step in Time" where Bert was in a harness and walked up the wall and then started tap dancing AND singing UPSIDE-DOWN while a little board moved across the stage. It was one of the most amazing things because he was doing an incredible job at all three things. Again, it was very good and I would highly recommend it to all fans of musicals :-)

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