Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hogle Zoo Lights

My in-laws were kind enough to take us to see some more holiday lights- and these were my personal favorite :-) With our Little Caesar's pizza purchase in Utah, we gained $3 each admission to the Hogle Zoo Lights- what a bargain for a great event! It was a light misty rain for part of the time we were there, chilly, and crowded, but well worth it. Get there as close to opening as possible because the lines only get longer as the night goes on.

Again, many of the displays were animated. Here are a few of my favorite light displays
The Unusual- scorpion and snake

Exotic birds

A tender moment between giraffes

All creatures helping in the holiday spirit

And some time Under the Sea

I liked these cute elephant ornaments

But, the nostalgia was greatest for the lion water fountain. This is really the icon of the zoo as I have many memories of taking a drink from the lions mouth when I was growing up.

Some of the other great light displays was the animated 12 days of Christmas (and its best watched under the heat lamp) and the skunk using his magic to frighten away a bear

Besides the lights we were even able to see some of the animals, like monkeys and porcupines- but the tigers were particularly active. This one was stalking the fence and eying us like he wanted to eat each of us for a snack! It was a little unnerving to think that a mere chain link fence separated us.

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