Monday, February 21, 2011

More NYC Toy Store Fun

As you can tell from my earlier posts, we really LOVED the toy stores around NYC as they definitely go above and beyond in their decorating the stores.

We went to LEGO store just outside Rockerfeller Center and William was "surprised" by the life-sized Chewbacca.

But the LEGO model of Rockerfeller Center truly captured our full attention for a few minutes

They placed such detail into the activities of the surrounding crowds- with many taking photos of each other, or riding a bike through the crowd, but my favorite was the couple kissing

I also LOVED the new Disney store that is in Times Square. I loved the rainbow lights of these iconic NYC buildings

and Mickey and friends riding around a giant sky carousel that really spins

But, what I was most blown away with was their section with all of the princess dresses. They were housed inside the castle pictured below and they are some of the most beautiful dresses that I have ever seen. They even had a Disney brides dress up collection, as well as sometimes several different dresses for each Disney princess. And these were super fancy but also super pricey. They were even tempting me to buy one- I don't know who for, as we only have nephews, but I will keep them in mind. Definitely do not take your girls there unless you are going to buy one of those dresses because I can only imagine the meltdown of leaving the store without one.

And I couldn't resist a shot of M&M Lady Liberty

And we managed to not buy anything from these stores- that is only because there were no special type of M&Ms to try (they sometimes have a special flavor, but no such luck for us)

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Disney princess dresses! Awesome!!1