Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bat Mitzvah Celebration

Several weeks ago, my dear friend Leslie came to SF with her husband Ben and adorable baby Cassi for her cousin Eliza's Bat Mitzvah. I knew Eliza when we were bridesmaids together for Leslie's wedding so her family was kind enough to invite William and I to the reception dinner. The actual ceremony occurred earlier that day at temple. They rented out a cafe and the car dealership next door in Oakland and they removed the cars so that there could be a dance floor. They did the chair dance- here is Eliza's mom- to the traditional song.

However, we didn't stay too long for the dancing since the music was unbelievably loud. I've been to several clubs before but never anything this loud. Even outside we could hear it as well. I even met a fellow Brandeis student- we are just all across the country. It was great to see just how happy Eliza was and just how proud her family was of her- they even organized a special slide show for her.

This was the first time that I had met Cassandra Joy- or Cassi- and she is SO ADORABLE! She was amazingly well behaved the entire evening.

The old roommates together with their new roommates

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CS said...

Cher you look so beautiful in this pic, just glowing!! Sounds like a great time. :)