Friday, July 10, 2009

File Folder Games

Several months ago, I finished some of the file folder games that we did at mother's group. I was on a kick back then and so I made several others from templates that I found on the Internet. I finally finished them up and many thanks to Lianne for introducing me to Lakeshore Learning laminating- such a great deal! The website has many more and ones that are even colored if you are interested. They are called Preschool Printables and are great. Here are the ones that I made- they are different types of matching games either by color, numbers, or shapes. And they have them for many seasons

Watermelon Numbers

Beautiful Butterflies

Pumpkin Patch Match

Gingerbread Buttons

Snowman Color Match

Snowflake Numbers

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jkmilligan said...

Thanks for the idea Cheryl! I think I will try some!