Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Los Altos Farmers Market

Last Thursday afternoon was my first trip to the Los Altos Farmers Market and it definitely will not be my last. My friend Dyan invited me to come with her and her daughter Nora- I absolutely love this photo. Nora loves to help push the stroller and be just like Mommy. The farmers market is not nearly as large as the Haymarket one in the Boston, but has some aspects that I like much better about it. The vendors in Los Altos offer samples of their products- this truly is the best selling technique because it I bought these amazing nectarines only because they allowed me to taste part of them. I also love that you do not have to buy the specific amount that they tell you- at Haymarket, you have to buy 6 apples for a dollar but you can't do 3 apples for 50 cents. At the Los Altos market, you can also pick your own produce whereas at the Haymarket one, they choose for you. I do miss just how large the Haymarket is- and how many different flower vendors they have. The Los Altos market also has vendors who sell fresh pasta, indian food, and even baked goods. I had thought that you could not have a bad whoopie pie but I stand corrected. Dyan and I shared one that was horrible- it was the most bitter chocolate cake part I've had- it literally tasted like there was no sugar in it. I was just relieved that we shared it so that neither of us had to eat the entire thing. I got some of the best organic strawberries from this market- and I actually do taste the difference. They were so sweet and perfect. I will DEFINITELY be going back to this market- especially since the prices were so reasonable for such great fruit.


The Richardsons said...

I LOVE going to farmers markets! I just love the whole environment and the opportunity to people-watch. I too was really impressed with the Harry Potter movie, and Troy was too. Like William, he hasn't read the books (though he quized me for important details after I read each book) but he thought it was really a good movie. I agree :). One question for you- where the heck do you live? I keep thinking I've figured it out, but you travel so much I can never be sure :)

Cheryl and William said...

Hi Melissa- we live in Mountain View, CA, which is about 45 mins south of San Francisco and in between Palo Alto and San Jose :-)