Monday, July 13, 2009

Oquirrh Temple Open House

While William and I were in Utah before and after his family reunion, we were able to go with both sets of our parents to see visit the Oquirrh temple open house. The word "Oquirrh" means "glowing" due to the fact that the rising sun hits the mountains making them glow. Anyone can visit the temple right now during the open house and you can get reservations through August 1st. Here are some beautiful pictures of the inside of the temple as they do not want individuals to take photos. There were marble floors throughout most of the temple as well as stunning crystal chandeliers. The angel Moroni had been struck by lightening several weeks ago and blackened the angel but we weren't able to see it from the ground. William took this beautiful photo of the temple after we had walked through it.

In tradition with most church functions, they had cookies afterwards in a separate tent and I could not believe how fancy the interior was. They had chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, elaborate floral arrangements, and armchairs and sofas.

It was amazing to look out and be able to see two other temples from a third temple in the Valley- temples literally dotting the earth.

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Andrea said...

You were in my neighborhood! How sad that I didn't get to see you- it has been too long. Isn't the temple beautiful?