Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gilroy Outlets

Since we were already down in Gilroy for the festival, we decided to go shopping at the outlets. Unfortunately, everyone else had the same idea. It was PACKED. It seemed like it was the day-after Thanksgiving that's how bad the crowds were. But, they also had some rocking sales. I got a new leather purse- that I am super excited about. I also got a black shrug and a shirt from Charlotte Russe. William also benefited from the sale at Van Hussen getting 3 new- and good looking-dress shirts. The interesting thing was that the outlets smelled more like garlic than the festival did! The festival surprisingly did not smell like garlic- something that William and I repeatedly commented on during our visit. But the rest of Gilroy smells like garlic- you can even smell it from the freeway. Go figure.

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