Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Palo Alto Clay and Glass Festival

Poor William was sick on Saturday and so I adventured out by myself to the Palo Alto Clay and Glass Festival. But first, since it was July 11th, I got a free 7.11 ounce Slurpee- my favorite Pina Coloda- and I love that it was exactly 7.11 ounces- as indicated at the bottom of the cup.

I was quite impressed by the festival- and it was FREE to walk around. Many of the pieces of were such high quality that I felt like I was in a museum. This was the only booth that I could take a photo of since the decorated glass was on the corner of the street.

The other vendors didn't really want photos- but I got a few of them off of information cards that they gave out. This was my absolute favorite piece- it was even more stunning in person with the natural sunlight reflecting off it.

Its made by Salatino-Gandolfo Glass and they have even more beautiful pieces on their website gallery. Too bad the piece is WAY more expensive than we are willing to spend.

Some of my other favorite works of art were from the following companies- Nicholson Blown Glass, Arch Street Studios- I loved their dotted plates and glass cake covers, Casalina Specialty Glass, and Silkwood Glass who make amazing reproductions of coral, sea shells, and other aquatic things.

They also had a demonstration of throwing clay pottery. I was so impressed by the skill of this man who was able to make this beautiful bowl in less than 10 minutes.

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