Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

William and I went and saw Harry Potter on Friday night and we picked the right showtime- 6:15- in that we did not have to wait in line and got perfect center seats. When we left the theater, there was a HUGE line for the next show. I have loved the books but I am glad that I have not read them in awhile because I feel that I liked the film better because I was not continually comparing it to the book. I still am so impressed by how well they have recreated the book into a visual form- it can be something that is very hard to do. Seeing this film made me want to go back and watch all of the other movies in order. William has not read the books but he was fascinated by the movie- he kept asking me clarification questions as well as speculating about what will be happening in the next films. I answered his questions about previous films but would not let him know if his conjectures are right or wrong. I told him that he needs to wait until the next films, but a better option would be to read all of the books since they contain so many more details and nuances that cannot be translated into a two and a half hour movie. If you loved the previous Harry Potter movies, this is a definite must see. And Ron is still my personal favorite character- he is so funny and has the best facial expressions.

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Bekky said...

this was a really good one